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REPEL Family Dry Insect Repellent Review

We put REPEL's family bug spray to the test to see if it is a safe mosquito repellent that actually works.

Main Product Details 7/10

  • What we like
  • Safe for family/kids
  • What we dislike
  • Unreliable compared to other repellents
  • Too high of a price for what you’re getting
  • Gives off a scent despite advertising

Product Details

  • Efficiency/Effectiveness: Below average; doesn't keep mosquitoes away
  • Ease of Use: Decent; it's a normal, straightforward spray, but despite it being "unscented" it emits a lingering smell
  • Safety: Perfect; won't cause any irritation or allergies for kids and pets

Our Verdict

While REPEL’s Family Repellent isn’t bad, it’s not good either. There are much better options for the price of $6.21, such as Sawyer Products or Ben’s repellents. 

With shaky reliability, a lingering scent, and bad pricing, I’m afraid REPEL’s family solution is anything but a solution. It’s low in DEET, making it safe for kids, but it won’t do much to keep mosquitoes or any other insects away. We’d suggest looking elsewhere for a family-friendly mosquito repellent spray. 

    Repellents remain the best consumer-grade solution to annoying pests, such as mosquitoes and ticks. Especially mosquitoes—what do they even contribute to nature?

     However, I find the shopping process for repellents tedious, as there are so many repellents to choose from. Even if you manage to narrow down your choices to one company, every company offers 10 different options. One of the companies guilty of this is REPEL.

     REPEL offers many different types of repellents, each addressing a specific need; however, if you need a reputable repellent for your family, don’t worry! They make their family solution easy to identify, labeling it as their Dry Family Insect Repellent.

Product Overview

     REPEL’s Family Repellent is made up of 10% DEET, a healthy amount for kids and adults alike. While this amount is lower than average, it’s still enough to ward off mosquitoes and other insects, though it’s time to take effect may be lesser than higher-percentage repellents.

     REPEL claims their Family repellent is unscented and clean (lacking oil or grease). Most DEET repellents have trouble avoiding these side effects, so we’ll see if these claims are true.

     They also claim their repellent works against every species of mosquito, specifically listing the ones that spread diseases. 

How it Works

     REPEL’s Family Repellent looks like any other mosquito repellent; what separates it from the rest? 

     Companies only use DEET, the chemical allowing repellents to do their job, in certain amounts. For example, 25%-30% DEET is the standard for many repellents, as adding more shows diminishing returns.

     If the repellent will be used on kids, then companies will lower the amount of DEET found in the repellent—a precaution to keep kids safe from any side effects DEET may cause. In REPEL’s case, they lower their standard 30% to 10%.


      We like having choices in size when shopping for repellents. I don’t go out much, so I don’t need a big thing of repellent, but I also don’t want to be buying a new bottle every two weeks.

     Unfortunately, REPEL only offers one 4-ounce spray bottle with a little over 6 bucks. At least it’s a decently-sized bottle… 

Does it Work?

     While perusing online reviews for REPEL’s Family Repellent, we noticed lower reviews for it than other REPEL products. According to these reviews, the product gives off a smell—despite advertising a scent-free repellent―doesn’t work all the time, and is not as effective as other repellents similarly priced.

      We tend to ignore the negative minority of reviews, but considering the product is rated a 3.6 on Amazon, we feel the scores are half-and-half. If it works, it doesn’t work for long as other repellents.


     These scores represent our perceived quality of this product. It will be scored on 3 key areas, including

  • Efficiency/Effectiveness (40%)
  • Ease of Use (25%)
  • Safety (35%).

     After scoring these 3 areas, an overall score will be handed out in the form of a letter grade.

Efficiency/Effectiveness = 4/10

     While some reviews mention this product’s success when used, many mention the opposite, with them complaining about insects still bothering them.

     We tend to hand out the benefit of the doubt to these products when there are only a few negative reviews, but since almost half are complaints, we have no choice but to question this repellent’s effectiveness.

Ease of Use = 7/10

     While there’s nothing wrong with this repellent when applied, the fact that there is a lingering scent when used is disappointing, mostly due to the fact that REPEL advertises a scent-free experience. Mediocre compared to other mid-range repellents.

Safety = 10/10

     One area this repellent does succeed is safety, as safety is its main purpose. While 30% DEET probably won’t hurt your children, 10% DEET is guaranteed to keep kids from suffering allergies or irritation that’s possible with higher dosages.

Overall Value 

     For $6.21, you can purchase a repellent with a higher rate-of-success, including other REPEL repellents. Nothing much to say here; the price is pretty terrible for what you’re getting, so we’d suggest looking into another option.