Dynatrap TD2000XL is the heavy-duty version of this trap style

This heavy-duty version of the Dynatrap Insect Trap has brighter bulbs that are supposed to last longer (6 months) but still aren’t cheap, a stronger fan, and a particularly useful device, a damper than automatically seals in any live insects when you turn the fan off, so they can’t escape. The manufacturer says it will attract insects from up to 30 feet, if placed in an ideal location, where it’s shaded from other lights and the bugs can see its light at a distance.

You can use it indoors or outdoors. It comes with a 7-foot cord, but if that’s not long enough, you’ll need an extension cord marked “W-A” and tagged that it’s suitable for outdoor appliances.


“It catches some mosquitoes, but not as many as I’d hoped. More moths. It’s easy to set up and does draw in the bugs though.”

“Over the years I’ve used every kind of trap except the big propane ones, and this has caught more by far than any of the others. The lights didn’t last as long as they said. After two weeks, they burned out and I needed to put in new ones. Other than that, I’m very happy with it.”

“It’s hard to keep some of the insects from escaping when you clean out the trap, since some of them are still alive. I haven’t noticed it’s reduced the mosquito population as far as getting bit, but there are always some dead mosquitoes in the trap when I clean it out, as well as moths and beetles.”

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