Dynatrap DT1000 is smaller, lighter, works on same principle

The DT1000 model is smaller and lighter than the other, with a less powerful fan. It’s about a foot high and 10″ in diameter, and weighs 3 1/2 pounds. The manufacturer rates it for a range of 1/2 acre, though that may be optimistic. The two UV light bulbs are also not as bright as the other model, and are supposed to last four months, though they may sometimes burn out much sooner.

Otherwise, the trap works on the same principle as the larger model, but will just draw insects from a smaller area. You can use it indoors or outdoors.

Here’s a link to the manual in a pdf file: Dynatrap DT1000 manual.


“One of the bulbs quit working in a week, but I replaced it and they’ve lasted about two months now. The container always has a fair amount of bugs, though mostly other things rather than mosquitoes.”

“This is much less annoying and intrusive than a bug zapper. I don’t really notice any increase in my electric bill, so the operating cost is only the cost of replacing the lightbulbs. I tried it without the lights, since some people say it works as well, but it only caught a few scattered ones, not nearly as many.”

“When this wasn’t catching many mosquitoes, I added an octenal lure to the bottom and it made a lot of difference. Don’t hang it near where you’ll be, because it does attract a lot of bugs around it, so choose a location where the mosquitoes will find it before they find you.”