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GLOUE Electronic Bug Zapper Review

We take a look at the GLOUE Electronic Bug Zapper to see if it's a safe and effective mosquito trap and killer.

Main Product Details 7/10

  • What we like
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Hands-Off Operation
  • Very Quiet
  • What we dislike
  • Short Effective Range
  • Struggles with Larger Insects

Product Details

  • Range: Bugs must be visible from trap location
  • Trapping Power: Uses electricity to kill bugs on contact; metal grate prevents bugs from flying out
  • Quietness: Like a whisper
  • Killing Power: Kills most flying insects
  • Ease of Use: Just plug in; no maintenance necessary
  • Portability: Small and compact, but requires AC power

Our Verdict

This small, and easy to use bug zapper will greatly help families who are having bug issues inside. With its simple yet effective design it will draw almost any small insect who can see the UV light and will electrocute them on contact. At a great price, buying a few to spread throughout your home may be the ideal solution for you so stock up!

Range – 5/10

The GLOUE Electronic bug zapper has a smaller range due to its size, which has earned it a 5/10. At 3.96 inches tall and 2.76 inches wide, the light source it uses to attract pests is smaller and therefore less visible. Using a high-intensity UV light, the bugs have to be in visual range to be attracted to to the bug zapper. This specific item is made to be put into smaller rooms and areas where there aren’t long lines of sight in order for it to function at its best. It also thrives at night because the light carries further in the darkness.

Trapping Power – 5/10

The GLOUE electric bug zapper doesn’t try to trap bugs, instead relying on electricity as the killing method through direct contact. Unlike glue traps this option kills instantly, so outside of the luring UV light, it doesn’t need to keep them in place. However, the grate on the front can help stop bugs from flying away once inside, so it receives a 6/10.

Quietness – 9/10

Producing almost no noise due to a lack of fans or moving parts, the GLOUE electronic bug zapper can go just about anywhere without causing a problem. It plugs into an AC outlet and quietly sits in standby until needed. You can leave it next to your bed at night to make sure nothing bugs you while you sleep protected, with little more than a small noise if a larger insect is zapped. 9/10 means it is one of the quietest models on the market.

Killing Power – 7/10

This bug zapper may not produce the most powerful electric shocks to the insects, but it can easily take out mosquitoes, house flies, gnats, and any smaller insect. However, it may struggle to take down moths or larger bugs both due to a lower power output and the small grills that sit on the front. Because it can handle most indoor flying pests, it earns a solid 7/10.

Ease of Use – 8/10

The GLOUE electronic bug zapper only needs an electrical socket to plug into, making it very hands-off and simple to use. Cleaning this bug zapper is also easy due to its removable tray that catches the bugs after they have been electrocuted. It requires no maintenance or upkeep besides cleaning the tray, and you can leave it on all night and day with no issues. A great 8/10 rating means it is beginner-friendly.

Portability – 8/10

Sitting at a little less than 4” tall and just 2.5” wide, moving the GLOUE Electronic Bug Zapper is easy. It also only needs a wall plug as a power source, so it can be plugged in just about anywhere. Having trouble in a different room? Unplug it and move it to the problem area.

The downside of this option is that it requires AC power, so it won’t be able to work in the car or on the go like USB models can, so it falls to a still-impressive 8/10.

About the GLOUE Electronic Bug Zapper

Coming in at an exceptional price, this smaller insect zapper is a solid value option that can address smaller concerns, but you’ll need multiple of them to support anything more than a room. The killing zap allows it to maximize killing power, but because it kills on contact, the lure of the light becomes even more important so its placement is paramount to your success using it. Fortunately, it can be easily moved from room to room as needed.

Who Is It For?

The GLOUE Electronic Bug Zapper is ideal for beginners because of its ease of use. You simply need to plug it in and it’ll do the rest of the work (outside of cleaning). It is extremely quiet so you can put it in your toddlers room and it won’t keep them awake but will keep them safe. Using no harmful chemicals, it kills the bugs while also having no negative effects on anyone it is around. You can use more than one to cover multiple rooms, in case you need more areas protected that the small UV light cannot reach.

What Insects Does It Kill?

The GLOUE Bug Zapper was designed to kill smaller insects, primarily mosquitoes. As a smaller bug zapper it excels at killing insects like gnats, fruit flies, and smaller house flies. It attracts bugs by emitting a powerful UV light that they fly towards before they are electrocuted by the metal grid inside the casing. It may not kill larger flies or moths, however.

Where Should You Use It?

Small rooms where the bug zapper can project its light further (so the bugs can see it) are where the GLOUE trap thrives. Bathrooms, bedrooms, or rooms with a frequently open window are prime candidates. Using multiple throughout your home is also a good idea for comprehensively addressing pest concerns.

Fortunately, due to its mobility, you can move it anywhere that has an electrical outlet. Meaning if the insect problem develops somewhere other than the original problem area you can just unplug it and move it there.

Do You Need Extras To Make It Work?

The GLOUE Electronic Bug Zapper is very easy to use and only requires a wall socket for its power source. By itself, it is supremely quiet so no addons are necessary. You can run it 24/7 as long as you maintain it. 

How to Clean the Trap

Continuing with the trend of simplicity, this device has a plate where the electrocuted bugs land on. You just have to pull the tray out and clean it with a dry cloth. Make sure you do not leave moisture on it when you put it back in the bug zapper, though!