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KATCHY Indoor Electric Insect Trap Review

We take a look at the KATCHY Indoor Electric Insect Trap to see if it's a safe and effective mosquito trap and killer.

Main Product Details 7/10

  • What we like
  • Family-Friendly
  • Highly Portable
  • Simple to Use
  • Minimal Upkeep or Extras
  • What we dislike
  • Doesn’t Kill on Contact
  • Won’t Trap Larger Insects

Product Details

  • Range: 320 square feet
  • Trapping Power: 3 layers of trapping
  • Quietness: Soft music/background noise
  • Killing Power: Uses glue boards, which means insects will die slowly
  • Ease of Use: Single-button functionality
  • Portability: t 8.8 inches tall and 5 inches wide; USB connection

Our Verdict

For small-scale infestations of smaller bugs, the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap can be a great tool in your fight against the pests. The portability, quietness, and simplicity make it a versatile and beginner-friendly choice. However, the trapping method limits its overall effectiveness and because it kills over time, the risk of escape is higher than it could be. It also cannot handle flies, so keep that in mind before you buy!

Consider this option for on-the-go or single-room mosquito and gnat protection, but don’t expect the world!

At home, in the car, at the campsite, or just about anywhere else, bugs can be a problem. Gnats, fruit flies, and especially mosquitoes can ruin your day (and leave you with an itchy bite), so getting rid of them is essential for your sanity.

If you want a bug trap that works just about anywhere, consider the KATCHY Indoor Electric Insect Trap.

Range 7/10

Visibility is key in order to draw insects to the KATCHY because it uses a UV light, so the insects need to see it in order to be attracted to it. Using at night in a closed room increases the effectiveness because the light can extend further, reaching its full coverage area of 320 square feet.

If it had non-visual attraction methods it would be more effective, but a solid range on the UV light earns it a 7/10.

Trapping Power – 7/10

The KATCHY is efficient with smaller insects like mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies, but struggles with larger bugs. Once drawn in by the UV light the bugs are pushed down by an above fan into a sticky glue pad. While it is able to hold smaller insects quite well, bigger ones like house flies can manage to escape from the glue pad, so despite 3 layers of trapping, it falls to a 7/10.

Quietness – 7/10

Not much noise is produced by this trap, however it does have a quiet fan that runs constantly. No zapping or any other noises accompany the capture of an insect, so you’ll be able to set it up and forget it’s running. As long as you can handle some white noise in the background, the 7/10 quietness is definitely a positive.

Killing Power – 6/10

The insects caught will most likely die from dehydration when being stuck to the glue pads for extended periods of time, which hurts the reliability of its killing power due to the potential for escape. It can handle most small insects without a problem, but being unable to handle larger houseflies, moths, or other pests hurts its effectiveness, bringing it down to a  6/10.

Ease of Use – 8/10

The KATCHY Indoor Electric Insect Trap earns its 8/10 for ease of use thanks to single-button functionality. This option allows you to set it to turn on or off automatically on a cycle or manually, letting it be set and forgotten. The ability to use USB power sources also means you can put it in more places, so it’s much more convenient to use.

Portability – 8/10

Having a USB port power source allows the KATCHY to be very mobile and can be placed wherever you need it – even on the go! It is a small device at 8.8 inches tall and 5 inches wide, so  it is very manageable and easy to move. A score of 8/10 makes it one of the more portable options on the market.

About the KATCHY Indoor Electric Insect Trap

A popular option with solid reviews, the KATCHY Indoor Electric Insect Trap is a solid multi-purpose trap for your home, office, or even on the go. The UV light and fan combine to attract bugs from just about anywhere within eyesight and hold them down until they die.

At a mid-tier price range, it provides a solid value for those who can take advantage of the enhanced portability, simplicity, and quietness.

Who Is It For?

With its non-toxic and no zapping formula the KATCHY is great for families who have a small bug problem (though it struggles with trapping larger pests). It’s quiet enough to keep in your room, providing white noise and helping to protect you all night from those pesky critters. With its simple and mobile design, it’s great for those who have bug issues in multiple rooms of their homes or who want something to take on the go with its USB charging capabilities.

What Insects Does It Kill?

You will have success with most smaller insects, but houseflies on the larger end will be able to remove themselves from the glue stick pad. Mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies are all captured very well by this product.

Where Should You Use It?

To make the most of this product, we recommend putting it wherever the greatest concentration of bugs ends up. By frequently open doors, windows, or other entry points for bugs are all some effective places to employ the KATCHY trap. Thriving in the dark, the UV light attracts insects best at night so it should be left on overnight in the problem area for best results. 

Do You Need Extras To Make It Work?

The KATCHY insect trap uses disposable sticky pads to trap insects that are pulled into the chamber, which means that you will have to replace the pads when they get too full. However, outside of glue traps there is no necessary add-on or extra required.

How to Clean the Trap

The trap doesn’t require frequent cleaning because of the duration of the sticky pads, but you should monitor the traps so they can be replaced when too full. 

In order to clean it, the bottom trap area must be opened and then the glue pad is removed and replaced.