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KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap Review

We take a look at the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap to see if it's a safe and effective mosquito trap and killer.

Main Product Details 7/10

  • What we like
  • 3 levels of trapping power
  • Electricity and chemical-free killing
  • Portable
  • What we dislike
  • Lower effective range
  • Doesn’t kill larger insects

Product Details

  • Range: 320 square feet
  • Trapping Power: 3 levels -- lure, pull, & trap
  • Quietness: White noise
  • Killing Power: Uses glue boards, so larger insects may not be affected
  • Ease of Use: Just plug in and set to automatic mode
  • Portability: 5 inches wide, 9 inches tall

Our Verdict

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is a portable bug trap that allows you to lower the number of pesky insects flying around your home. It offers an automatic mode that takes care of pests overnight on its own, making it quite beginner-friendly. It lacks the power to bring down larger flies, but with 3 methods of trapping, gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitoes shouldn’t stand a chance.

If you want something quick and easy to address your bug problem, consider adding the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap to your home.

Range – 6/10

At an advertised 320 square feet of coverage, this trap receives a 6/10 for its effective attraction range. The ultraviolet light that is produced draws the insects in, which means that it is best at night or in the dark. This can hurt its range during other times of the day, and the lack of scented bait also limits the potential to attract pests.

Trapping Power – 8/10

With 3 levels of trapping, the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap receives a 8/10 due to its ability to lure, pull, and trap insects. The light will attract mosquitoes, fruit flies, or gnats into the fan which pulls them down into the machine, getting them stuck on the glue trap below. The fan prevents them from generating enough lift to fly away, and the glue holds on tight to immobilize them until they die.

Quietness – 7/10

This indoor trap features only a single source of noise – a relatively quiet fan that resembles a standard fan in terms of volume. While it is required to spin at a sizable speed to trap insects, the noise should not be too noticeable (but not silent either), earning it a 7/10.

Killing Power – 6/10

While some indoor traps use chemicals to kill insects of all sizes that can be trapped, this model goes for a more eco-friendly killing method of glue paper trapping. While this ensures that you have a chemical-free solution, it also means that larger insects like flies are unlikely to be affected by the trap. This limited killing potential brings the KATCHY model to a 6/10 for killing power.

Ease of Use – 8/10

Whether you set it manually or use the automated sensor for night time operation, this option has earned an 8/10 rating because it is very simple to use.  As long as it is plugged in, automatic mode will ensure it fights bugs daily to minimize the nuisance on your family.

Portability – 8/10

Sitting at just about 5 inches in width and 9 inches in height, this trap is about the same size as some of the larger phones on the market, giving it a solid 8/10 portability. The USB power source mechanic also allows it to be brought in the car or on the campsite as long as you have a USB charging port available.

About the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is a portable and chemical-free trap for catching smaller insects. It uses an ultraviolet light to attract bugs into its fan, pulling anyone who comes close down into the trap. At the bottom is a glue pad that doesn’t let go, killing the insects over time without using any chemicals.

Who Is It For?

The KATCHY model is quite beginner-friendly, offering automatic operation and simple cleanup. Out of the box it takes just a few minutes to get setup, allowing you to start killing before you get bit.

The smaller effective range means it excels in tandem with another solution or for smaller rooms where it can reach most of the pests.

What Insects Does It Kill?

This model doesn’t use chemicals to kill, which means that it is relying on the suction of the fan and the glue traps to hold the trapped insects in place. Smaller bugs like gnats, mosquitoes, and fruit flies won’t stand a chance, while larger flies will likely be able to resist the suction or escape once inside.

Where Should You Use It?

To reach the highest concentration of insects, place the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap nearby trouble areas or place where you frequent often. It’s also important that you consider what you are trying to catch and position it accordingly.

Fruit flies can be caught in the kitchen, so placing it near your fruit bowl can go a long way. For mosquitoes, consider any areas with stagnant water or nearby open windows and doors.

You can even bring it in your car or your local campsite as long as it is powered by a portable power source.

Do You Need Extras To Make It Work?

To work effectively, this product needs a power source to fuel the fan as well as glue traps to prevent the insects from escaping. Additional glue traps can be bought, and as long as you have an outlet or USB port nearby, you should have no problem using the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap.

If you wanted to upgrade the potential attraction range of this product, scented bait would help attract more bugs. This could be placed around or inside the fan to ensure the bugs are sucked in when they arrive.

How to Clean the Trap

It is recommended that you clean your trap once a week, clearing out dead bugs from the glue traps once they begin to cover the surface to ensure it stays sticky. You should also replace the traps every few weeks (as needed) so that the old trap doesn’t dry out.