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LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Killer Review

We take a look at the LiBa Bug Zapper to see if it's a safe and effective mosquito trap and killer.

Main Product Details 7/10

  • What we like
  • Kills Most Insects
  • Kills on Contact Without Chemicals
  • Wide Range of Attraction
  • What we dislike
  • Minimal Trapping Power
  • Not Very Portable
  • Requires Bulb Replacements

Product Details

  • Range: Entire room
  • Trapping Power: Uses UV light to lure; metal grate does not really trap insects unless electrocuted
  • Quietness: Completely quiet, but buzzes when bugs are electrocuted
  • Killing Power: Kills on contact, but there's a chance for insects to escape
  • Ease of Use: Plugs in using AC power; need to replace bulb every so often
  • Portability: One of the larger bug zappers on the market; needs to be plugged into AC outlet

Our Verdict

The LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Killer is a versatile bug killer, thriving as a staple in your home rather than on the go. It offers exceptional killing power, a long-range of attraction, and presents a good value that makes it beginner-friendly alongside its simple operation.

If you’re looking for something that can handle most pests that come through your door, the LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Killer is a solid choice for you.

Range – 8/10

This larger, square/box-style bug zapper features a bright 20W ultraviolet light that is highly visible to people and insects alike. This is especially true at night where it will light up an entire room (and even attached hallways), becoming the focal point of its room for insects. As the UV light is the main attraction for luring insects, the brightness means the LiBa Bug Zapper has a solid range, earning it an 8/10 rating. It could be improved by offering another attraction method that thrives during daylight.

Trapping Power – 5/10

The LiBaBug Zapper is primarily a killer through contact, requiring the insects to fly into the electrified grid for them to be killed. While other options in the market may use fans or other forms of suction to draw in and trap the bugs, this product does not. Instead, it relies on luring them close enough to the ultraviolet light to land on the grid – there is nothing that keeps them within the zapper except for a small fence that blocks the zapper from human touch. The limited trapping power earns it a 5/10, so you’re hoping for a direct, instant kill with this option.

Quietness – 7/10

The constant buzzing of insects is annoying, so you don’t want to compound the annoyance by adding a loud, buzzing trap or fan that is constantly creating noise. Fortunately, with a lack of a fan on this model, it will be almost silent most of the time it is in use. The only time you will hear noise is when the trap electrocutes a pest to death, creating a little buzz as it does its job. The sound is often quiet, but frequent zapping or zapping larger flies may make a louder or more frequent noise which downgrades its quietness slightly to a 7/10.

Killing Power – 8/10

When you buy an indoor insect killer, you’re looking for something that can handle just about every flying pest in your home. With some insect killer models, only a certain size or type of bug can be killed, which forces you to use 2 or more methods to completely protect your home. With the LiBa model’s electrical killing method, it can handle insects of almost all sizes from gnats to moths, killing on contact and eliminating the chances of them escaping after impact. However, the need for contact with the electrical grid means there is some room for them to avoid getting zapped, which lowers its killing power a bit but still results in a solid 8/10 rating.

Ease of Use – 7/10

Relying on AC power to operate, you’ll end up plugging in the LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Killer into the wall and leaving it there throughout the night. It has a low energy pull, meaning it won’t inflate your electrical bill excessively and can last day after day if you want it to. However, it operates best at night so unplugging it in the morning may help the bulbs last longer.

Once the initial set of bulbs stops working, you can swap in the included bonus set easily by turning off the unit, removing the grate, and inserting them like normal. Having to replace them every few weeks isn’t too convenient, but hands-off usage balances out the ease of use to a 7/10.

Portability – 6/10

Portability is not a strong suit of the LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Killer, as it is one of the larger indoor bug killers at 15” wide and 10” tall. It also requires AC power to function, which means that you won’t be able to use it in the car or on the go unless you have some kind of adapter or power source. 

However, it is not too bulky that it can’t be stored in your car or brought with you, and it will sit on most counters or tables so the portability is not totally lost, earning it a respectable 6/10.

About the LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Killer

The LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Killer is a square trap that uses electricity as its killing method. The 2800-volt grid zaps pests on contact after luring them in with an ultraviolet light that naturally attracts bugs due to falling into their visible wavelengths. The light is bright enough to cover an entire room (as long as it is within visual range) and even further at night, and the range of killing makes it an effective single solution for bugs of all kinds.

Who Is It For?

The LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Insect Killer is a relatively versatile trap, coming in at an affordable price range and providing a solid range of functionality.

The strength of this model from LiBa is its killing power, which allows it to handle everything from gnats to moths with a single electric shock. The larger size and further range also helps improve its effectiveness, making it a good option for those who want to protect a single room that is a problem area or a wide open space where there is plenty of sightlines to the UV light.

It is not for those who want something portable that thrives on the road, as it has no USB power capabilities (AC power only) and is rather large.

What Insects Does It Kill?

Using the killing power of electricity, you’ll find that this model has no shortage of killing power. While glue traps rely on catching and trapping insects, electricity eliminates the worry of them getting away from weak glue – it kills them outright instantly. This means that larger bugs can be addressed in addition to smaller bugs.

Gnats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, house flies, moths, and other flying pests that fall within their size range are all managed by the LiBa trap, which means it should comprehensively address most infestations.

Where Should You Use It?

With a wide range for attracting bugs, you can place this trap just about anywhere in your home, but it would thrive in trouble areas like by your backdoor or in the kitchen. Make sure it is in visual range of as much of the room as possible to maximize the effective range of the luring light, and if you have to choose a time to use it, choose overnight. The darkness will improve the light visibility, leading to fewer bugs when you wake up.

Do You Need Extras To Make It Work?

Outside of the unit itself, the LiBa Bug Zapper doesn’t need any additional parts or pieces outside of a power source (AC power) and ultraviolet light bulbs. The bulbs are replaceable and will need to be swapped out every few weeks (depending on use), which can make it more expensive to use in the long term. Fortunately, 2 extra bulbs are included with this package so you’ll be able to avoid buying more for a while.

How to Clean the Trap

As bugs fly into the trap and are electrocuted, they fall down into the bottom of the trap. This tray is removable and can easily be dumped and cleaned, making regular maintenance easy to do.