Mosquito Magnet MM3200 Independence Is Cordless But Has Fewer Other Features

Mosquito Magnet Independence MM3200 costs less but lacks fuel-saving feature.

The Independence Mosquito Magnet is less expensive than the Executive model, though it’s still not cheap! But it’s still cordless and functions the same way. Instead of a rechargeable battery, it uses 4 C batteries which last all season. It’s also advertised to cover an acre, but like all these traps, primarily works within its “line of sight,” so hedges or buildings will cut down the area. It comes with an Octenol lure, but not the propane tank, which you’ll need to purchase locally.

What you’re giving up are the fuel-saving modes of the Executive model, so one tank of propane is supposed to last 21 days, rather than up to 30 days. It also doesn’t have the information panel and doesn’t have a temperature sensor, so if you want to turn it off when temperatures are below 50 degrees, you’ll need to do it manually.

Mosquito Magnet® Independence Trap - Assembly & Startup
Video showing how to set up the Independence Mosquito Magnet.

Otherwise, it’s similar, with the same method of operation and the same pros and cons, and has been plagued with the same reliability issues.


“These mosquito traps are expensive, but in my experience they do the job, and apparently I’ve been lucky enough not to run into the problems that others have had with the machines breaking down. Mine has worked fine. It doesn’t catch every single mosquito but the reduction is amazing and it makes using the yard and patio possible again with putting on repellant. “

“Ours never worked right. It wouldn’t work at all at first, just gave a blinking red error. Finally after a call to the company and clearing the propane lines it worked, but when we replaced the propane tank a few weeks later, same thing, and it never did work after that. We wound up returning it.”

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